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            Forms to notify WorkSafe about high risk activities, mining and tunnelling operations, and quarry and alluvial mine operations

            Mining and tunnelling operations notification and reporting

            Mining and tunnelling operations notifications and reporting form (PDF 64 KB)

            Quarry and alluvial mine operations notification and reporting

            Quarry and alluvial mine operations notification and reporting form (PDF 51 KB)

            Mining and tunnelling operations quarterly report form

            A new web-based form for extractives quarterly report submissions is now available to use. From October 2020 all mining and tunnelling operators will be required to submit their quarterly reports using the new form. Operators are encouraged to submit their quarterly report within two weeks of the end of each quarter.

            Mining and tunnelling operations quarterly report form

            Mine and tunnel plans

            If you are a mining or tunnelling operation, the Health and Safety at Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2016 require that you send WorkSafe a copy of a mine plan at least every year. If you have ceased mining or finished constructing the tunnel, then you need to send WorkSafe a plan of the completed work. Plans should contain certain information and be drawn on a certain scale.?

            Guide to Completing and Submitting Plans for Mines and Tunnels (PDF 830 KB)

            High risk activity notification

            High risk activities required to be notified under Regulation 229 are specified in Schedule 7 of the Regulations. The high risk activities notification requirement allows us to assess whether the operator will be able to effectively manage the activity prior to the activity commencing.

            Notifying Worksafe of a high risk activity (PDF 93 KB)

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