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            We have recently completed a survey of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) across industries in New Zealand. HSRs play an important role in representing and advocating for workers’ health and safety. However, very little is known about the motivations, experiences and challenges of HSRs in New Zealand.

            A Health and Safety Representative is a formal position, and HSRs often require specific training to support them in performing their role. Together with HSRs, health and safety committees are ways to support worker engagement and participation in improving health and safety outcomes for businesses.

            This study reports the results of an online survey with HSRs across industries in New Zealand. It examines their motivations for becoming an HSRs and their experiences from being in the HSR role. It also investigates ways of improving the support provided to HSRs in order to help them better perform their duties.

            Health and Safety Representatives in New Zealand survey – Report (PDF 1.7 MB)
            Health and Safety Representatives in New Zealand survey – A3 infographic (PDF 49 KB)